TVR vooruit met EV technologie

TVR vooruit met EV technologie

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TVR Steps for reducing Carbon Footprint (15nov21)

TVR announces a funding and technology partnership with leading lithium innovator Ensorcia. 

TVR is delighted to announce that it has, today, signed an agreement with Ensorcia Metals Corporation that provides significant funding for the formation of a joint venture in the EV space as well as for the production development of the V8-engined Griffith through its affiliate Ensorcia Automotive.
Work on future powertrain alternatives has already commenced. This is alongside development of the TVR product family beyond the Griffith Launch Edition.

Building upon the green credentials of TVR’s light-weighting strategy, new partner Ensorcia specialises in green lithium mining and processing, using a patented brine extraction process producing high quality lithium with maximum environmental and operational efficiency.

Les Edgar, Chairman of TVR said: 

“Today we have reached another milestone in our mission to rejuvenate and futureproof our iconic British brand. It has been clear, for some time, that EV has to be a part of our future. 
Finding the right partner for the road ahead has been a complex process. The best synergistic fit, coupled with a shared vision for the future, in these rapidly changing times. We are very excited to be partnering with Ensorcia.

Having access to advanced EV tech, including supplies of green lithium via the leading, environmentally considerate process, is a hugely important element in ensuring that TVR will become a sustainable, net-zero business.”

Daniel Layton, Chairman of Ensorcia said: 

“We are delighted to announce this partnership with such an historic and important automotive brand. Along with the current model, we believe the global development of TVR EVs will be among the most exciting EVs in the market. The tight synergy and alignment between our companies and visions will ensure the supply chain for TVR’s future battery requirements. Our green lithium extraction process along with TVR’s approach to environmentally friendly manufacturing, creates a great partnership, which we believe will experience enormous growth over the coming years.”

True plans for the developing world.

Further Facory construction developments (Nov '21)

Development of the TVR Factory

June 9, 2021 

Preliminary works on the site were due to start mid-January, but increased Lockdown restrictions and the exceptionally inclement weather delayed commencement until early February.
An extensive programme of works, being steered by Jones Brothers, comprises the full replacement of the roof and side cladding to all buildings together with some extensive remodelling of the site, which includes removal of the dilapidated structures associated with the building’s previous use.
These images and descriptions, which have been circulated in customer's emails, reveal the encouraging level of progress made thus far.

One of Jones' first tasks was to clear out all of the existing buildings, to allow for close inspection of the state of the current steel structure and ensure that there were no foreseeable structural limitations.


Then began the careful removal of all the exterior cladding, including the demolishing of various small buildings located on site along with the original office/reception frontage of the main building.


Depicted below are the new roof panels, being prepared and lifted onto the first-phase build area.

The TVR planning team are currently finalising internal layouts for the production areas together with the designs for the reception offices and are looking forward to being able to contunue their work on site, as soon as the environment has been established.

Witnessing the new range of Griffiths, emerging from this facility, still requires a lot of planning, hard work and faith, but for those who put down a deposit on the first new TVR, in far too long, these signs of progress must be food for the Soul.


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