TVR in the news

TVR in the news

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Onze Belgische TVR vrienden houden een pagina bij met links naar artikelen die internationaal verschijnen over ons merk. De artikelen zijn gerangschikt in drie thema's: new Griffith, Racing en in general. Met toestemming gebruiken wij ook die pagina.......scheelt dubbel werk!
Als je een nieuwe tekst opmerkt kan je de link van dat artikel opsturen naar  TVR Car Club Belgium-Luxemburg


The new TVR Griffith

posted on 23-12-2023 on TVR has lost the exclusive rights to build the Griffith sports car at a Welsh factory

posted on 22-12-2023 on Terugkeer van TVR opnieuw op de lange baan geschoven.

posted on 22-12-2023 on Will the new TVR Griffith ever hit the road? New ‘R&D centre’ to open amid launch plan doubts

posted on 22-12-2023 on :  Iconic British motors brand forced to move out of factory where it planned to build long-delayed sports car

posted on 21-12-2023 on TVR loses rights to Welsh factory

posted on 20-12-2023 on Bad News For TVR Griffith As Welsh Gov. Puts Planned Factory Back On The Market

posted on 19-12-2023 on TVR Griffith Production Hits New Roadblock

posted on 08-12-2023 on New occupiers sought for promised TVR sports car factory site in South Wales

posted on 08-12-2023 on The factory earmarked for the TVR sports car project in South Wales seeking new occupiers

posted on 07-12-2023 on Ebbw Vale site previously earmarked for TVR car factory

posted on 02-07-2023 on The Telegraph: Sports carmaker TVR scrambles for cash injection

posted on 25-07-2022 on TVR Electric Sports Cars Reportedly In Development, Griffith EV Here In 2024

posted on 20-07-2022 on TVR Still Plans A Comeback With Electrified Sports Cars

posted on 18-07-2022 on TVR Griffith V8 And EV Edge Closer To Production

posted on 29-04-2022 on TVR evaluating future Formula E entry following new sponsorship deal

posted on 29-04-2022 on TVR announces electric sports car for 2024

posted on 28-04-2022 on What is the new TVR Griffith? Iconic British sports car to gain electric variant in 2024

posted on 27-04-2022 on 2024 TVR Griffith EV confirmed for production

posted on 27-04-2022 on TVR Griffith Is Now Due Next Year, With An EV Version To Follow

posted on 27-04-2022 on TVR partners with Formula E as it prepares relaunch

posted on 27-04-2022 on TVR Griffith With Fully Electric Powertrain Confirmed For 2024

posted on 27-04-2022 on TVR Officially Commits To Building An Electric Griffith In 2024

posted on 27-04-2022 on TVR gets capital injection and promises EVs

posted on 26-04-2022 on TVR confirms new EV with Formula E sponsorship

posted on 26-04-2022 on TVR Is Working on an All-Electric Version of Its Long-Awaited Griffith

posted on 26-04-2022 on The ‘new’ TVR Griffith is definitely happening in 2024, maybe

posted on 26-04-2022 on TVR Griffith Electric Sports Car Announced For 2024 Launch

posted on 26-04-2022 on TVR Announces All-Electric Griffith Based On The V8 Griffith We’re Still Waiting For

posted on 26-04-2022 on Yet to Deliver the Griffith, TVR Promises to Go Electric by 2024

posted on 26-04-2022 on TVR Griffith V-8 Saved Thanks to a … Mining Company?

posted on 26-04-2022 on TVR says Griffith sports car coming in 2024, with V-8 and electric options

posted on 19-11-2021 on TVR To Fight Lotus With Electric Sports Car

posted on 17-11-2021 on TVR Signs Deal With Green Lithium Mining Corporation, Good News Ahead

posted on 17-11-2021 on TVR prepares for EV future with partnership with lithium producer

posted on 16-11-2021 on TVR to go electric to fund Griffith production

posted on 16-11-2021 on TVR Griffith first deliveries delayed again until at least 2023

posted on 16-11-2021 on TVR Griffith first deliveries delayed again until at least 2023

posted on 16-11-2021 on TVR partners with green lithium firm for future electric cars

posted on 16-11-2021 on While We’re Waiting For The Griffith, TVR Is Preparing Itself For An Electrified Future

posted on 16-11-2021 on TVR Will Make Sports EVs Helped By Green Lithium Mining Company

posted on 15-11-2021 on TVR plots future EV with new partnership

posted on 15-11-2021 on TVR partners with lithium company for EV sports car development

posted on 19-07-2021 on TVR announces Griffith HEV & BEV

posted on 17-07-2021 on The TVR Griffith Isn’t Dead Yet

posted on 15-07-2021 on TVR Griffith Still in the Works, Company Needs $32 Million to Get it Done

posted on 16-07-2021 on TVR Griffith sports car held up by funding shortfall

posted on 15-07-2021 on TVR Is Still Looking For More Money To Build The Griffith

posted on 14-07-2021 on TVR Griffith Isn’t Dead Yet, Could Get Hybrid And Electric Versions

posted on 03-07-2021 on Everything We Know About The 2022 TVR Griffith

posted on 02-02-2021 on The TVR Griffith might just happen after all

posted on 27-01-2021 on TVR ‘confident’ of 2022 Griffith deliveries, new loan secured

posted on 27-01-2021 on The TVR Griffith Is Coming Next Year, When This Headline May Still Be Accurate

posted on 26-01-2021 on Remember TVR? Here’s What’s Up With Its ‘New’ Griffith Sports Car

posted on 26-01-2021 TVR secures further funding bringing the Griffith one step closer

posted on 26-01-2021 on TVR ‘confident’ on first Griffith in 2022

posted on 26-01-2021 on TVR Griffith sports car delayed until 2022

posted on 25-01-2021 on TVR Plans To Start Griffith Deliveries In 2022 Following £2 Million Loan

posted on 30-12-2020 on TVR revives hopes for Griffith

posted on 29-12-2020 on TVR begins (finally) the works in the factory where it will assemble the new Griffith V8

posted on 28-12-2020 on TVR Finally Has Some Good News About The Griffith

posted on 27-12-2020 on TVR To Renovate Factory, Might Actually Get To Make New Cars Some Day

posted on 23-12-2020 on TVR factory renovation to begin in January

posted on 26-07-2020 on TVR Wants You To Believe That It Can Still Pull This Off

posted on 24-07-2020 on TVR revival: New CEO details hybrid supercar and motorsport plans

posted on 23-07-2020 on TVR Griffith To Return In 2022 Company Plans

posted on 22-07-2020 on TVR Still Dedicated To Put Griffith In Production Despite The Delays

posted on 30-06-2020 on TVR needs £25 million to kick off production

posted on 28-06-2020 on TVR Tries To Raise Over $30 Million To Put The Griffith Into Production

posted on 25-06-2020 on TVR seeks £25m investment to fund Griffith production

posted on 07-03-2020 on TVR Submits Plans To Refurbish Welsh Factory For The New Griffith

posted on 02-03-2020 on TVR Griffith production: planning application for factory submittted

posted on 02-03-2020 on Plans Submitted for TVR’s 200mph Supercar Factory

posted on 29-01-2020 on TVR frustration over Ebbw Vale factory renovation delays

posted on 28-01-2020 on Revived TVR Delays the New Griffith Sports Car

posted on 27-01-2020 on TVR Griffith Production Falters Amid Wales Factory Problems

posted on 27-01-2020 on Delayed TVR Griffith Delayed Once More: Report

posted on 27-01-2020 on 500-horsepower Griffith sports car from reborn TVR delayed

posted on 26-01-2020 on TVR Griffith sports car series is not arriving anytime soon

posted on 25-01-2020 on TVR Griffith delayed again, factory still incomplete

posted on 24-01-2020 on TVR Griffith Launch Date Uncertain As Wales Plant Construction Stagnates

posted on 23-01-2020 on TVR appoints new CEO; laments factory issues

posted on 23-01-2020 on The Mustang-Powered TVR Griffith Is Delayed… Again

posted on 23-01-2020 on (Geen) verrassing! TVR Griffith loopt onbekende vertraging op

posted on 23-01-2020 on TVR Griffith production stalls as south Wales factory hits problems

posted on 13-06-2019 on TVR Preparing To Start Work On Its New Welsh Factory

posted on 12-06-2019 on What The Heck Is Going On With TVR?

posted on 11-06-2019 on TVR finally hurdles factory delay

posted on 11-06-2019 on TVR’s Factory Revamp Seems to Be Back on Track

posted on 01-02-2019 on TVR Griffith Delayed Until 2020 Due To EU Regulations

posted on 31-01-2019 on TVR: “Marktlancering TVR Griffith uitgesteld naar 2020”

posted on 31-01-2019 by TVR Griffith Production Pushed Back Until 2020

posted on 31-01-2019 by TVR Griffith Pushed Back Until 2020

posted on 28-01-2019 by Autovisie on Youtube by Shmee150: TVR Griffith – 2020 – walk around

posted on 28-01-2019 on Autorai TV: Nieuwe TVR Griffith heel even in Nederland

posted on 13-12-2018 on Car maker TVR‘s frustration over Ebbw Vale factory delay

posted on 28-10-2018 on YouTube: Where is my TVR Griffith?!

posted on 15-11-2018 on Have a proper listen to the TVR Griffith’s 5.0-litre V8

posted on 22-05-2018 on Take a closer look at the TVR Griffith

posted on 16-01-2018 on TVR sports car firm stake bought by Welsh Government

posted on 19-12-2017 on Ebbw Vale site planned for TVR factory acquired

posted on 08-09-2017 on TVR is back! Meet the brand new Griffith

posted on 22-03-2016 on TVR: Why was Ebbw Vale chosen?

posted on 22-03-2016 on TVR to create 150 sports car jobs in Ebbw Vale

posted on 03-03-2016 on Will luxury car maker TVR set up production in Wales?

posted on 03-03-2016 on TVR could produce new sports car in Wales, company reveals

TVR racing

posted on 11-06-2019 on TVR is doing art cars now

posted on 05-04-2018 on TVR could win Le Mans this year…

TVR in general

posted on 14-06-2024 on When TVR made an undrivable sub-tonne 660bhp V12 supercar

posted on 07-07-2023 on 9 Of The Best TVRs Ever Made

posted on 10-05-2022 on The TVR Griffith 500 – A British V8 Fire-Breather

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posted on 05-03-2022 on 10 Craziest TVRs Ever Made

posted on 29-11-2021 on TVR sports cars in grand send-off drive for Blackpool factory stalwart

posted on 13-06-2021 on World’s oldest TVR becomes main attraction at Lakeland Motor Museum

posted on 24-05-2021 on If You’re Committed Enough, The TVR Cerbera 4.5 Can Be A Family Car

posted on 04-03-2021 on The nine best TVR road cars

posted on 12-01-2021 on One-of-a-kind TVR Trident prototype for sale

posted on 20-08-2020 on Potential for 200 jobs at former Blackpool TVR site

posted on 23-07-2020 on The only T440R ever made is on sale in the classifieds

posted on 12-07-2020 on TVR Tuscan | Reader’s Car of the Week

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