Continental Meeting #38 2024

Zolder #38   --the Spirit of Driving--



Dear TVR enthousiasts,

We will give it a try again: 'Zolder #38 --the Spirit of Driving--' . We proudly can announce that we have set a date for this great event: 

May 10th 2024 !   This is the Friday after Ascension day.

Here is the programme for those who have never experienced a Continental Meeting. If you search the internet on Continental Meeting TVR, you will find a lot of information.
Our club without the yearly event at the Zolder Circuit feels without a soul.  A renewed team of enthousiast members are now working on the Continental Meeting 2024.

The total cost for the event (circuit and support) is estimated at €30.000  As local TVR club we can not carry that financial risk alone. To be able to mitigate the significant financial risk by the Dutch TVR Car Club we have set some additional conditions:

1)  we envisage 75 registrated participants paid fully before April 10th.
2)  Entry fees are based on the moment of registration and payment. Conformation wil follow after payment.

TVR CarClubHolland
non-members % credit in case
of cancellation
to 10th april €340,00 €390,00  30%
thereafter €370,00 €420,00   0%

These measures are taken in order to prevent that the Dutch Car Club eventually is confronted with a significant financial loss as a result of too few participants and/or predicted bad weather.

Registration is open to all TVR's.  Other cars may be considered by the organizing committee, but TVR's have preferred status. 

The maximum sound level is 98 dB(A) drive by at track side   ...........

When registering we kindly request to immediately tranfer per bank the fee (free of cost) to IBAN  NL06 INGB 0002 4903 87  on the name of TVR Car Club Holland with reference  your name!
If the Continental Meeting is cancelled because of too few participants you will be fully credited for the the registration payment. If you are the initiator of the cancellation, above schedule will apply.

After a thrilling day on the circuit we will have our famous price giving diner at the Hotel van der Valk in Stein (please note this is not Heerlen) , with a cost per person of €55 (standard drinks free till 22.00 hours)

We will not directly mediate the hotel rooms, so quick reservation of a hotel room in Stein or nearby is strongly recommended. Cancellation is free of charge at van der Valk Hotels till 12 hours before the target date. You may also book in Heerlen or a B&B, but be aware that the diner is in Hotel van de Valk in Stein.

Any questions??  pls send a mail to 4202mc.[antispam]



Thanks for your registration!



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